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Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Gal Meet and Tokyo Kawaii Bitches!

SO! Yes, I'm finally getting this blog up and running (took my ass long enough). After months of procrastination I finally feel as if I can move forward with some things that I really want to do, this blog being one of them >w<b

So, as my first  second post will be about the wonderful Autumn Gal meet where we were filmed by TokyoKawaii TV!

I meet with lovely EdenAinHachi, and Usagi and a new lovely gal named Mallory~

I go to school in Baltimore but I made sure that I found a way to make it up to hang with these lovely gals.

We met in Flushing at the new "New World Mall".

(stolen from Ain

Here we waited for Usagi and they filmed our cords, our phones as well as our nails (you know, the usual gal things lol). I was so embarrassed when the camera man asked to film my nails because I literally did them 5 minutes before i got there. The bottle said "dries in 5 minutes" but it lies! TAT, they ended up smudging everywhere fmlll. To add on top of that, my face decided to break out everywhere two days before and nothing seemed to work -A- AND my damn lenses never reached me in time ....easy to say that I didn't really feel that 'up to par' surrounded by all these gorgeous gals TwT lol. 

After they filmed Usagi and the rest of us, we went shopping in the new world mall where they followed us to see where we went and what we bought and such. It was so funny as we walked around, we were stared at and photographed by all these people because they thought we were famous X3 lol, oh man...I wish lol. 

Before the red lips came out to play haha!

The lighting was so good, of course we had to camwhore XP. Hiromi, our lovely host and translator caught us snapping away and asked us why we chose then and there to take them. Of course, because they knew that Gals are famous camwhores lol. After this my camera then proceeded to die..why oh why didn't I check the dang batteries..but I was lucky and got some later~

With the lovely Hachi

After our shopping spree, I bought some lashes, lash glue and a hello kitty sweater (pics to come yo). We headed over to take puri at the lovely Toto's~ 
(stolen from the lovely Hachi

(stolen from Ain)

After puri, we headed over to Zebra Loung, a KTV place. It was my first time going to a karaoke bar. I have to say, it was so much fun! Can't believe I haven't went to one sooner. 

                                             Ain and Erin~

Hiromi and our lovely cameraman. They were wonderful and so much fun! Thank you so much for allowing us this great opportunity, it was such an honor. 

                                  My make up for the night

Annnd, the outfit, minus the shoes lol

All in all the day was a great one, thank you so much guys for inviting me out to it. I can't wait to see you all again~


  1. Omg! you looked sooo good! I love your outfit and make up! All the gals you hung out w/ look great too! You guys looked like you had a lot of fun! Wish I was theeerrreee! ^0^

  2. This was such a good day~

    Oh, I totally feel you on the nails... I was like fml, why didn't I buy some glue on's!! But whatever, we still looked fierce ;) ♥
    And you looked great, lens or not, your contouring was very on point.