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Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm alive and kicking and Winter Gal Meet Up!

Woaahhhhhhh!!! Okay okay, I know it's been a while (ahem...a few months) but I'm sorry TwT. School was kicking my but royally and sadly school work takes precedent over blogging, damn..I'm actually surprised by the umber of people are following me at this point -A- thanks so much guys! Having an interest in what little bit I have to say really means a lot to me~ I promise to try my best in keeping my blog up to date as much as I can >w<b (I really need to learn time management..ugh) But, ONWARDS!

So! I have a slew of things to catch up on, gets, coords, and the like that I hope to catch up on in the next couple of weeks now that I'm free from the constraints of school~ For starters, I got my first ever full sew in weave XD thanks to my lovely cousin (I still had to pay but at least she was able to cut me a sweet deal OwO).

I've been really inspired by Yuria Kushido~ I just love her full pouty lips to death! Makes me feel a lot better about mine <3

It's my first time ever having a bang before as well. It's nice, a different experience but I'm happy with overall (even though it's not as long as I wanted TwT). I think I'm going to ombre the ends a bit as the color as of now is a jet black color. My natural hair color is a dark brown so this jet black hair to me I feel, is a bit to dark for my tastes. I'll have to do a strand test though to see how it bleaches as the hair isn't the best human hair out there :/ If anything, I'll try and find my extra bag of loop hair extensions that I never used which are an orangish color and add it to this just for some color.

OKAY! As you may have noticed there's a second part to the title.....well, if you're in the Tri-state area or  if you're going to be then you're all but welcomed to come join the Winter Gal Meet Up on December 27th for a day filled with ice skating, shopping and more! The event is open to everyone, weither you're a beginning gal or not, you're all welcomed to come out and have a blast with us~

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holidays! Til next time!~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY touch: Pencil skirt and fringe crop top~

Hello lovelies! Today I just wanted to share with you guys a little DIY I did a few days back.

I had had this idea for a while now but it wasn't until that I was running out of things to wear  finally got the uncontrollable urge to wear it that I finally took the ten minutes that it took me to do.

I had mentioned in my last post how I was trying to introduce more color into my life as well as my new found love for bold colors. I really wanted a bright bottom to go with a black top and I didn't wanna pay any ridiculous for it as well, so I came up with this! I had an old turquoise tight fitting t-shirt that I didn't wear anymore because of it's fit, so I decided to turn it into a fitted pencil skirt.

Here's how I did it:

First, get your shirt of choice. It has to be a fitted material or this DIY will sadly not work.
Next, fold the shirt just underneath the armpits. This is where you're going to cut it.

Now, cut where you had folded. You should end up with this.

And you're done!
Now you can either leave the edge as is, or you can do what I ended up doing which was hemming the edge and adding a bit of elastic in the back so it stays snug. But you don't really have to if you don't wish to, it'll keep it's shape fine as is.

Next, I edited an oversized shirt into a fringed crop top. I've been really diggin the fringed cropped tops for a while now but I wasn't about to spend money on something I could easily do myself. It really is quite simple.

First, get your shirt of choice ready. I really think that a shirt on the bagger/ looser side works best for this look

Next, alter the top part of the shirt as you wish. In this case, I cut off the collar as I wanted it to be slightly off the shoulder.

Next, fold the bottom of the shirt to your desired length. Remember to keep enough space so you can cut your fringe.

Next, cut a small piece to mark the path that you're going to cut across.

And you should end up with this.

Next, start cutting about 1/2- 1 inch thick strip running perpendicular to the collar. You can actually cut the strips as thing or thick as you like, depending on how you want your fringe. I did mine this way just in case I wanted to make them smaller or if I messed up.

After you're done cutting, it should look something like this.

Lastly, pull gently on each stip of fabric to even out the edges and clean up the look. 

Annddddd YOU'RE DONE!

Your shirt should look something like this. If you wanted, you could even cut the fringe smaller and add beads to the ends for an even more unique look. 

And ended up topping it all off with a studded belt, my faux leather jacket and my black wedges (not shown, I'll add a pic of the whole outfit a bit later).

And that's it. A whole new outfit in under ten minutes >w<b. I really love recycling clothes. It's one of the best feelings, especially when you can say you made things yourself. To me, it just adds a bit more of a personal touch to a look~ 

Well, I hope this inspired some of you lovelies to make some of your own clothes every so often, no sewing required lol. 

Well until next time, but first, Do you guys have any DIY items that you wear/ are proud off?

Bye yo!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thrift Store Haul

Hey guys! So the other day I took a trip to the thrift store. Now normally when I head to the thrift store, it's just as bad as me shopping in regular stores, I kinda go a bit crazy. Only afterwards, I don't feel as bad because I spend the same amount that I would normally at say, Forever 21, but double the rewards XD. Luckily this time I went in looking for some specific items. 

I'm loving the long skirts coupled with blod colors. I had noticed that slowly, my color palette had been shrinking and I had some how stopped wearing the bold bright colors that I had loved before and I missed it! I guess as you get older you tend to get kinda lazy with your color choices as it's a hell of a lot easier to throw on neutrals than colors lol. Murua has really been inspiring me with a lot of their pieces as it's a great balance between these two =w=b.

Solid blocks of color coupled with black and some patterns. Simple but it really adds that POP. 

  Sadly, I'm not a big fan of the faux collars, but these bright colors    I'm loving.

I love, love, love, this coordinate 

With this in mind, I was able to snag some really nice pieces while there.

Two red skirts, one corduroy and another a sheer patterned one. The urge to wear something red hit me out of no where. Normally, I never wear red, EVER, but for some reason during the week, I had this need to wear a red shirt lol. Red is very in this season, not just in clothing but in accessories and makeup. It's a great way to add a pop to a neutral color palette.
I also found a velvety black skirt with a lovely pattern as well as a sheer black pleated one. I'm a big fan of patterns, another thing that's a big part of Murua. 

I couldn't stay away from my trusty black and white haha. I was so happy to find a long simple black skirt made from a thicker fabric for the fall/winter. It was still new, tags and all and it was originally $74, I got it for $6, score! Also got a long plain black velvety one, as well as a short polka dot skirt I had been dying to get my hands on for a while. Lastly, a new stripped sweater to replace my old one that finally died ;w;

Lastly, something that I'd been looking for for a while now, a furry, short brown jacket >w<b. I've been wanting one since I saw them all over W <3 C and I'm so happy to have my hands on one. I can't wait to rock this with one of my new red skirts~

All in all it was a great success! There are still still some more things that I wish to get to try and bulk up my fall/winter closet. As for the upcoming fall trends, I'm still keeping an eye out for some more that I really love. I can't wait to see what else pops up as the month progresses. 

Until next time guys, but first, What are some of your favorite upcoming fall/winter trends? 


Monday, October 3, 2011

Autumn Gal Meet and Tokyo Kawaii Bitches!

SO! Yes, I'm finally getting this blog up and running (took my ass long enough). After months of procrastination I finally feel as if I can move forward with some things that I really want to do, this blog being one of them >w<b

So, as my first  second post will be about the wonderful Autumn Gal meet where we were filmed by TokyoKawaii TV!

I meet with lovely EdenAinHachi, and Usagi and a new lovely gal named Mallory~

I go to school in Baltimore but I made sure that I found a way to make it up to hang with these lovely gals.

We met in Flushing at the new "New World Mall".

(stolen from Ain

Here we waited for Usagi and they filmed our cords, our phones as well as our nails (you know, the usual gal things lol). I was so embarrassed when the camera man asked to film my nails because I literally did them 5 minutes before i got there. The bottle said "dries in 5 minutes" but it lies! TAT, they ended up smudging everywhere fmlll. To add on top of that, my face decided to break out everywhere two days before and nothing seemed to work -A- AND my damn lenses never reached me in time ....easy to say that I didn't really feel that 'up to par' surrounded by all these gorgeous gals TwT lol. 

After they filmed Usagi and the rest of us, we went shopping in the new world mall where they followed us to see where we went and what we bought and such. It was so funny as we walked around, we were stared at and photographed by all these people because they thought we were famous X3 lol, oh man...I wish lol. 

Before the red lips came out to play haha!

The lighting was so good, of course we had to camwhore XP. Hiromi, our lovely host and translator caught us snapping away and asked us why we chose then and there to take them. Of course, because they knew that Gals are famous camwhores lol. After this my camera then proceeded to die..why oh why didn't I check the dang batteries..but I was lucky and got some later~

With the lovely Hachi

After our shopping spree, I bought some lashes, lash glue and a hello kitty sweater (pics to come yo). We headed over to take puri at the lovely Toto's~ 
(stolen from the lovely Hachi

(stolen from Ain)

After puri, we headed over to Zebra Loung, a KTV place. It was my first time going to a karaoke bar. I have to say, it was so much fun! Can't believe I haven't went to one sooner. 

                                             Ain and Erin~

Hiromi and our lovely cameraman. They were wonderful and so much fun! Thank you so much for allowing us this great opportunity, it was such an honor. 

                                  My make up for the night

Annnd, the outfit, minus the shoes lol

All in all the day was a great one, thank you so much guys for inviting me out to it. I can't wait to see you all again~