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Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm alive and kicking and Winter Gal Meet Up!

Woaahhhhhhh!!! Okay okay, I know it's been a while (ahem...a few months) but I'm sorry TwT. School was kicking my but royally and sadly school work takes precedent over blogging, damn..I'm actually surprised by the umber of people are following me at this point -A- thanks so much guys! Having an interest in what little bit I have to say really means a lot to me~ I promise to try my best in keeping my blog up to date as much as I can >w<b (I really need to learn time management..ugh) But, ONWARDS!

So! I have a slew of things to catch up on, gets, coords, and the like that I hope to catch up on in the next couple of weeks now that I'm free from the constraints of school~ For starters, I got my first ever full sew in weave XD thanks to my lovely cousin (I still had to pay but at least she was able to cut me a sweet deal OwO).

I've been really inspired by Yuria Kushido~ I just love her full pouty lips to death! Makes me feel a lot better about mine <3

It's my first time ever having a bang before as well. It's nice, a different experience but I'm happy with overall (even though it's not as long as I wanted TwT). I think I'm going to ombre the ends a bit as the color as of now is a jet black color. My natural hair color is a dark brown so this jet black hair to me I feel, is a bit to dark for my tastes. I'll have to do a strand test though to see how it bleaches as the hair isn't the best human hair out there :/ If anything, I'll try and find my extra bag of loop hair extensions that I never used which are an orangish color and add it to this just for some color.

OKAY! As you may have noticed there's a second part to the title.....well, if you're in the Tri-state area or  if you're going to be then you're all but welcomed to come join the Winter Gal Meet Up on December 27th for a day filled with ice skating, shopping and more! The event is open to everyone, weither you're a beginning gal or not, you're all welcomed to come out and have a blast with us~

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holidays! Til next time!~


  1. hey kassie, welcome back! no worries, art school is tons of work! diggin your new hairdo! so awesome, it looks just like that lady over here! really girly! nice!

    hope your gal meet up goes well and is tons of fun! ^o^~ happy holidays and new years yo!

  2. Yuria is one of my favourite models!
    Her hair,her face everything is perfect on her!
    I love your hair too!
    You kinda resemble her in a way!!! :D

    I just found your blog!!
    It's very nice!

    I made a blog recently too!
    I would really appreciate it if you check it out by and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!